Stitch Tutorials Menu
Blanket or Buttonhole Stitch?
Laymen's guide to the differences.
Pin Stitching
Hemming and Madiera Applique
Bullion Stitch
A detailed tutorial
Primer (pdf)
A five-part manual for beginning needlework
Chain Stitch
A detailed tutorial including joins
Roman and Romanian Stitch
Couching and texture in embroidery
Drawn Thread Embroidery
A 9-lesson tutorial - with pdf download
Satin Stitch
A two-lesson tutorial
Fabric Roses
A different method
Shadow Embridery
Delicate effects on sheer fabrics
Feather Stitch
The versatile, vexing embroidery stitch
Slip Knot - Waste Knot
Scoular Method for securing ends
French Knots
Film video, graphics and directions to help
you master this stitch.
Stem Stitch
Ttutorial on this misunderstood stitch
Laid Work
Plaited Stitch Steps One and Two

Tunisian Crochet & Embroidery
Complete tutorial and visual extras

Laid Work - Oriental Stitches
Two and Three 
Turkey Work
Texture on many projects
A 9-lesson tutorial - with pdf download
Velvet Stitch
More texture for your embroidery